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R Is For Reef Squid

The West Indies Sea Life Alphabet A is for ANGELFISH A is also for ARROW CRAB B is for BUTTERFLYFISH B is also for BRITTLESTAR B is also for BARRACUDA C is for CRAB C is also for CORAL SHRIMP D is for DRUM D is also for DAMSELFISH E is for EEL E is

St. Anne, Martinique to Admiralty Bay, Bequai

90 nm 15 hours We motor-sailed with just the jib up due to the unsettled weather. All day the grey and gloom lurked ahead of us to the south and clear blue skies pursued us from the north. The seas as we reached the northwestern bank off of St. Lucia were particularly bouncy. When things

Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe to St. Anne, Martinique

119 nm 18 hours Captain Crunch finally found a nice selection of octopi in Les Saintes, where we stopped mid voyage for a few lovely nights at Ile Cabrit. We had heard that the place is lousy with them, but they must have all been hiding when we came through earlier in the season. This

Antigua to St. Martin

95 nm 14 hours We had beautiful weather for our departure from Antigua. Clearing out in St. John’s was a little tricky, because they normally only deal with cruise ships at that location, but after pounding the pavement a bit we got it squared away. About an hour into the trip, we turned off the

Deep Bay, Antigua

12 nm 2 hours We had a smashing time in Deep Bay. There is a submerged wreck at the entrance to the bay which Captain Crunch finally found after a few unsuccessful attempts to swim there. It is easy to see it sticking out of the water at low tide, but with the waves it

Great Bird Island, Antigua

18 nm 3 hours The weather has finally changed! We’ve enjoyed our stay in Jolly Harbour, but it is high time that we go some place quieter. We had a lovely motor around to the other side of the island with 15 kt winds and little to no seas. The reefs that surround Antigua provide

Snorkeling at Ille Cabrit, Les Saintes (Part 2)

Okay. So we never made it over to the Sugarloaf. The conditions while we were in Les Saintes were typically quite poor weather-wise, and even getting into town on the main island some days was a bit dicey. We still had lots of fun snorkeling off the back of the boat, but it just never

Snorkeling at Ille Cabrit, Les Saintes

Here are some of our photos from Ille Cabrit in Les Saintes. We’ll try to get over to the Sugarloaf in the next few days so we can compare. We’ve heard very good things about it.

Exploring Les Saintes

I’m really tempted not to say anything nice about Les Saintes. In fact, it is awful here. Never come here! Oh…. alright. I’m lying. Les Saintes is an absolute gem. It combines the best of civilization (good restaurants, decent provisioning, no IRS offices) with great access to nature and even a few undeveloped pocket anchorages.

Portsmouth, Dominica to Les Saintes

Miles: 19 Hours: 3 Portsmouth turned out to be a pretty decent anchorage in terms of holding and protection from the typically easterly seas. Unfortunately it is also a very loud anchorage. Wednesday (allegedly), Friday, and Saturday were the worst in terms of music from the shore. Much like Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, the sound systems