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Trick-or-Treating Grenada Style

What does the foreign legion do when they are far from home on their 2nd favorite holiday? They thank their lucky stars that the cruising community has organized an amazing treat for all of the kids in the neighborhood. Lisa and her family on Daydreamer worked diligently with the other cruisers in Grenada to get

Dinghy Party

Today we went to a dinghy party hosted by our old friends at Le Phare Bleu Marina. They put these on about once a month out on a floating dock that they move out into the bay in front of the marina. They provide a water taxi service, but by far the best way to

Whisper Cove Marina, Grenada

Whisper Cove Marina in Grenada is a real gem of the Caribbean. While we haven’t slipped at the marina proper, we’ve visited several times for shopping and the restaurant. The dock is a little on the small side, so you’d probably want to make reservations in advance if you wanted to keep your boat here.

Peter Builds a Sand Castle

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Peter. He and his Daddy went to the beach to build a sand castle. First they used a plastic cup to dig a moat, and then they piled up sand to make a wall. Then they used the plastic cup to make the towers. They

Shopping in Grenada

One of the dirty little secrets about cruising, is that basic tasks that one takes for granted on land can take an awful lot of time when you live on the water. That doesn’t mean that things like shopping have to be unpleasant, but it does mean that we plan our shopping trips differently than

Duncan Goes Snorkeling

There was a boy named Duncan who lived on a boat. “Put on your swimsuits and snorkels!” said Dad. “Where are we going?” asked Duncan. “Snorkeling!” said Mom. “No!!! I don’t want to go!!!” shouted Duncan. ”Why not?” asked Dad. “There are SHARKS!” said Duncan. He was really scared. He worried that a shark would

Boating Etiquette (Part 2 of Infinity)

There is always more to learn… Boat cards are totally fabulous, particularly for new arrivals who may meet 10-12 new boats on their first day. Be very aware of your trash, particularly plastic.  This goes for lubbers too.  We saw a birthday balloon floating along on the surface about 80 miles offshore in the Bahamas.

Boating Etiquette (Part 1 of Infinity)

So we’re rapidly acclimating to boating lifestyle, and I’d like to share a few things we’ve learned along the way, mostly through errors on our part. In no particular order: When someone is casting off or arriving, the only reason you should be involved is if you are offering to help or shoving a fender

How Do You Fake Being French On A Nude Beach In Thailand?

It’s easy. Whip your top off and never open your mouth. (We learned this on Ko Samet island in Thailand while lying on the beach. All the ladies were sunning their chests, so I figured “What the heck.” and did the same. Then we watched the waves and read old Tom Clancy books while nodding


Herein lies a collection of frequent questions we get from people and some answers. Who are you people? What are you doing? We are going on an adventure through space and time. On a sailboat. Very slowly. We used to live in the suburbs and have great white collar jobs, but that really wasn’t working