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Exploring Les Saintes

I’m really tempted not to say anything nice about Les Saintes. In fact, it is awful here. Never come here! Oh…. alright. I’m lying. Les Saintes is an absolute gem. It combines the best of civilization (good restaurants, decent provisioning, no IRS offices) with great access to nature and even a few undeveloped pocket anchorages.

1st Year Cruising Review

We’ve travelled 3,281 nm since we left Kemah, TX last February, and 4,656 nm overall since purchasing our vessel. How we spent our nights: 6 nights on land, 2 with the boat on land 277 nights in a marina or at a dock 56 nights at anchor or on a mooring ball 27 nights at

Haulout at Carenantilles, Martinique

After having difficulty sourcing a replacement stuffing box in Grenada, we decided to take our French built boat to a French island to get a new one installed. It is by no means cheap to get work done in Martinique, however we have only positive things to say about the experience and the professional and

Exploring Martinique

Renting a car in Martinique proved to be slightly more difficult than in Guadeloupe. The Avis office in the marina told us to, quite literally, come back in two weeks and see if they had anything available. They weren’t taking reservations. We were stuck with another company, Jumbo Car, that turned out to be run

Diving in Carriacou, Grenada (part 2)

We couldn’t resist going diving again with Lumba Dive. We had a great second dive with them. We visited the Barrel and Tropical Hill. There are a few snorkeling pictures mixed in here as well.

Diving in Carriacou, Grenada

Today we went diving with our new friends Richard and Diane from Lumbadive in Carriacou, Grenada. They are a class act from start to finish. The highlight for us is that they are the first dive company to have a real solution to having our kids in tow. Richard immediately suggested that we bring them

Backyard Reef Snorkeling, Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

These photos are from the reef next to our boat. By next to, I mean that every time someone anchors between us and the reef, they end up anchoring somewhere else after their depth sounder starts freaking out. When in doubt, the completely empty spot in the crowded anchorage is probably shallow water. That spot

Snorkeling in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

We had a wonderful time snorkeling yesterday on the beach here in Tyrrel Bay. There is a reef near our boat as well, but given the high density of sea urchins, we spend more time keeping the kids from getting stung and less time taking pictures over there. This set of photos pretty much speaks

School Days

Now that we are at anchor and we are no longer able to avail ourselves of ridiculously expensive air conditioning, school starts just after sunrise at 6 AM. We found out in a hurry that it is best to be completely done with thinking activities before the heat of the day sets in. It isn’t

Wind Scoops are Amazing!

We were asked by another cruiser when we anchored out in Culebra earlier this year if we were crazy on account of our lack of wind scoop. The boat stays reasonably cool when you are under way, and we’d stayed in a lot of marinas where we can run the air conditioner, but when you