Deep Bay, Antigua

A view from the fort.

A view from the fort. Clearly this anchorage is too crowded.

12 nm
2 hours

We had a smashing time in Deep Bay. There is a submerged wreck at the entrance to the bay which Captain Crunch finally found after a few unsuccessful attempts to swim there. It is easy to see it sticking out of the water at low tide, but with the waves it can be a bit difficult to find while snorkeling. Unfortunately the visibility in Deep Bay wasn’t particularly good while we were there, but the water was clean and the beach was excellent.

Captain Crunch had better success with snorkeling, despite the visibility issues.

Captain Crunch had some successful snorkeling, despite the visibility issues.

We hiked up to the abandoned fort on the north side of the bay. It provided a very scenic overlook of both Deep Bay and the main harbor to the north. When the cruise ships passed by, we could see them through a small gap in the hills near where we anchored which was a bit surreal. Those things are monstrously large.

Who doesn't like starfish? Soooo cute!

Who doesn’t like starfish? Soooo cute!

We were able to catch the Five Islands bus into town by cutting through the resort on the main beach in the bay. Sometimes the security guards would stop us, but after checking with their superiors they allowed us to pass through. The resort is a bit odd… apart from the party cats that would stop in every couple of days, the resort never seemed to have any guests and appeared to be slowly falling apart. They have a ridiculously high fee for garbage and using their restroom.

Exploring the rocks along the north shore.

Exploring the rocks along the north shore.

The waves on the beach were calm throughout our stay, and we experienced very little swell which was pleasant. The kids had fun roaming up and down the rocks on the north side of the beach and playing in the tide pools. At times, we were the only boat anchored here. At most, there were 10 boats sharing the bay with us, but that was rare. We’d definitely anchor here again!