Monthly archives: January, 2015

Marin, Martinique to Portsmouth, Dominica

Miles: 118 (including a 32 mile round trip to Anse d’Artlet) Hours: 13 After we splashed following the haulout, we decided to head over to Anse d’Artlet again before heading north to Dominica. It is really a no brainer as the French provide copious free mooring balls at Anse d’Artlet and the snorkeling is fantastic.

Haulout at Carenantilles, Martinique

After having difficulty sourcing a replacement stuffing box in Grenada, we decided to take our French built boat to a French island to get a new one installed. It is by no means cheap to get work done in Martinique, however we have only positive things to say about the experience and the professional and

Exploring Martinique

Renting a car in Martinique proved to be slightly more difficult than in Guadeloupe. The Avis office in the marina told us to, quite literally, come back in two weeks and see if they had anything available. They weren’t taking reservations. We were stuck with another company, Jumbo Car, that turned out to be run