Monthly archives: November, 2014

Secret Harbor, Grenada to Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

At long last we are finally underway again. Grenada has proven to be an excellent place to stay during hurricane season, but after the sails were restitched and we replaced the secondary alternator on our engine we started to get an itchy keel. We delayed our departure for a few days due to some strong

School Days

Now that we are at anchor and we are no longer able to avail ourselves of ridiculously expensive air conditioning, school starts just after sunrise at 6 AM. We found out in a hurry that it is best to be completely done with thinking activities before the heat of the day sets in. It isn’t

Wind Scoops are Amazing!

We were asked by another cruiser when we anchored out in Culebra earlier this year if we were crazy on account of our lack of wind scoop. The boat stays reasonably cool when you are under way, and we’d stayed in a lot of marinas where we can run the air conditioner, but when you