Monthly archives: June, 2014

Culebra, P.R. to Guadeloupe

Miles: 300 Hours: 69 It is 300 miles more or less directly following our route, but the chart plotter said we covered more like 400 in the end. Lot’s of tacking in the ongoing saga of 20-25 knot winds out of the East. We should start providing regular updates to NOAA, so that they can

Fajardo, P.R. to Culebra and Culebrita

Miles: 30 Hours: 7 This post is being written from Guadeloupe. The land of functional internet! We were laid up in Fajardo for 3 weeks while fixing things. Both regulators were fried. Apparently we’ve been getting by on our engine alternator this whole time, and now that we’ve spent a few weeks tearing apart the