Monthly archives: May, 2014

Ponce to Fajardo, P.R.

Miles: 85 Hours: 18 We had no luck getting someone out to work on our alternator in Ponce, but to be fair it was Memorial Day Weekend. We were so excited to final get NOAA forecasts via the VHF again, but we were disappointed with their lack of accuracy. We laughed a bit when we

Ocean World Marina to Ponce, P.R.

Miles: 338 Hours: 61 Ocean World Marina was very civilized. I’d highly recommend staying there if you need a stop off between the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The store in the marina has very basic provisions, but it was not unreasonable to rent a car and hit the local stores and I hear you can

Boating Etiquette (Part 2 of Infinity)

There is always more to learn… Boat cards are totally fabulous, particularly for new arrivals who may meet 10-12 new boats on their first day. Be very aware of your trash, particularly plastic.  This goes for lubbers too.  We saw a birthday balloon floating along on the surface about 80 miles offshore in the Bahamas.

Luperon to Ocean World Marina, D.R.

Miles: 16 Hours: 5 Normally we would probably skip making a post about such a short day sail, but it was rather eventful so here goes.  After the trials and tribulations of getting cleared to leave port by the commandante, we decided that hell or high water would not keep us from getting to Ocean

Long Island to Luperon, D.R.

Miles: 326 Hours: 51 We made arrangements to head South on the same day as s/v Doing Something Right.  Safety in numbers and all that.  Unfortunately it started pouring just after they left the harbor at 8 AM, and they must have made good time while we waited out the rain for an hour or

Cat Island to Long Island

Miles: 85 Hours: 17.5 We’re beginning to think that the subtle art of weather forecasting in the Caribbean is more black magic than white.  Seriously, if you check 3 different forecasts, you will get 3 completely different answers, none of which will be correct.  Last night was supposed to be relatively calm with light winds