Monthly archives: February, 2014

New Orleans, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama

Miles: 128 Hours: 22 Mardi Gras season was kicking into high gear and we wanted no part of that crazy, so we left NOLA and made out way to Mobile to get some repairs done and wait out the bad weather before we headed out of the country. The wind was against us and the

Morgan City to New Orleans, Louisiana

Miles: 90 Hours: 24 This was a bit more harrowing than some of our other runs. The pink line on the GPS that marks the path of the ICW takes a homicidal turn starting before Morgan City until well after New Orleans and following it will run you into walls, docks, and oil rigs. Following

Port Arthur, Texas to Morgan City, Louisiana

Miles: 190 Hours: 34 Getting under way at 4 a.m. puts a crimp in anybody’s style and it was crazy freezing cold. We finally got marginally comfortable after putting on five layers of clothes apiece and going into the cabin to fire up the stove every two hours to make food or hot drinks. The

Kemah, Texas to Port Arthur, Texas

Miles: 70ish Hours: 12 We left on February 3rd in the Year of the Polar Vortex so it was, of course, disgustingly cold and drizzly. The passage across Galveston Bay was choppy which made us all a little queasy after months of being tied up in the marina. There were no real problems except for