Monthly archives: July, 2013

Lake Charles, LA to Kemah, TX

Miles: 125 Hours: 34 We stayed at the Lake Charles city marina, which was clean and new, although facilities were minimal.  It was a few hours out of our way to get there, but what with having to shuffle cars and weekends to move the boat, it was necessary.  I felt bad that we weren’t

Morgan City, LA to Lake Charles, LA

Miles: 125 Hours: 26 We stayed at the Morgan City public dock, just us and the shrimp boats.  It was a pleasantly sleepy arrangement compared to being in a typical marina.  Captain Lane made us some truly amazing fried catfish one night.  Even Duncan tried a bite and he rarely eats new foods.   We

Venice, LA to Morgan City, LA

Miles: 180 Hours: 32 It should be mentioned that we were avoiding taking the inshore route on the ICW due to the excessive wait times at the Industrial and Harvey locks.  The ICW would be the preferred route, especially during foul weather, but with the Mississippi river flooding, the wait time was around 72 hours

Mobile, AL to Venice, FL

Miles: 120 Hours: 30 The folks at Turner Marine put the boat away wet.  You really just have to be there yourself if you want to make sure things are done right… no different than any other path in life.  In general, the work they did was decent and has held up well. In spite